It’s One too many Tory Lanez in the Black Community

Sunny Akinkuolie
2 min readNov 8, 2020

The most disrespected person in America is a black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.” -Malcolm X

Megan Pete also was known by her rap name Megan Thee Stallion has channeled the Phoenix Effect. Oftentimes black people in America are expected to graciously receive the traumas of colorism, racism, classism and so much more. We aren’t offered free therapy, there is no legal room for grievance or vengeance but we use pure grit to rise from the ashes and become “respectable” people. Megan Pete despite losing both her parents by the age of 25 has become largely successful. Yet why was she so violently attacked? Why do some black men laugh at her wounds and defend her attacker? When did it become okay to laugh at the black woman’s pain?

How did we all get here? If you find yourself in a room unfamiliar , it’s best to retrace your steps. Sunny, thinks it’s the lack of the divine feminine in our conversations. We consistently paint God the genderless as a male, this in turn subconsciously emboldens the male psyche. Oftentimes the interaction between black men and black women is one of hunter and prey. The most mediocre black men often challenge the brightest black woman and in turn, black women are taught to protect their fragile minds for their safety. The majority of black women meet God as a man first and not as a Divine Feminine but as a distant father. What if it were the opposite? What if God was only introduced as a Mother, never a man.

Some Black men are often tasked from an early age to have almost no agency, they aren’t taught general cleaning, cooking , learning anything deemed feminine because it’s beneath them. So although none of these tasks in nature are feminine, the idea of subservience is interlinked with these basic tasks. This isn’t solely observed between black men and black women. It’s all men and all women. However, when you mix the trauma of Racism with the miseducation of Misogyny, there’s a very volatile reaction that leads to Black Women being the most exploited on this planet.

All black men must grow even more. Even if you don’t believe in divinity, there is 50% of you that come from XX and we must ask ourselves who we serve when we attack our feminine reflection. Take this time to send money, positivity, and learn from a woman in your life. It’s time we listen.

Black woman’s pain is not believable — How they have to go through hoops and hurdles to prove their pain. Megan’s leg wound. How Megan protected tory at first.

Black women are taught to protect black men



Sunny Akinkuolie

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